Tuesday, March 20, 2012

GOD IS NOT MUTE- Charles Spurgeon

Then Samuel answered, Speak; for thy servant heareth.

(1 Samuel 3:10)

He who would hear God speak needs not to wait long, for God speaks to men continually by the Scriptures, which are given to us by inspiration.

Alas that we would be so deaf to its teachings! This wonderful volume, so full of wisdom, is so little read that few of us could dare to gaze upon its pages and say, “O Lord, in this Book I have heard your speech.”

At other times, the Lord speaks by providence. Both national providences and personal providences have a meaning; providences that are afflicting and that are comforting all have a voice.

But alas, I fear that oftentimes to us providence is dumb because we are deaf. I am afraid few of you can say of it, “O Lord in providence I have heard your speech.”

The God of heaven speaks to men by his Holy Spirit. He does this, at times, in those common operations of the Spirit upon the ungodly which they resist, as did also their fathers.

The Spirit strives with men, he calls, and they refuse; he stretches out his hands, and they regard him not. Though we have ears to hear, we frequently quench the Spirit,

We grieve him, we neglect his monitions, and if we do not despise his teachings, yet too often we forget them and listen to the follies of earth instead of regarding the wisdom of the skies.[1]

Charles Spurgeon