Wednesday, June 06, 2007

There Are Still Young People Who Look to the Bible

I found this post from Slice of very encouraging:

There Are Still Young People Who Look to the Bible

"My son Sam recently posted a piece on Slice and was asked to become a columnist with Christian Worldview Network. He was thrilled and reworked his Slice post into a column for the site. I decided to post it again here because I believe Sam’s challenge bears repeating. I have watched God’s hand in Sam’s life over the years. He always had a tender heart for the Lord from a young age—until high school hit. I had homeschooled him for three of his younger years, including sixth grade, in which he spent time writing essays on Spurgeon’s sermons and books like Oswald Sander’s, The Cultivation of Christian Character. He would fall asleep listening to Dr. John MacArthur in those years. I kept all of the essays he had written and when he went off to Christian high school and started to go down a different path, I read to him from some of the things he had written one night. He told me later it was very convicting. For about three years, Sam broke my heart as he sought approval from his peers rather than the Lord. Then, in his Senior year of high school, our family moved to South Carolina and very much against his wishes, he was enrolled in a truly wonderful Christian high school. For one year, he sat under solid preaching in chapel, every day, as well as at church. He had faculty that for the first time seemed to live out their faith rather than undermine that of the students. He found friends who did not find it “cool” to immerse themselves in the world and still call themselves Christians. This was far more than a nominal Christian school as his had been in Milwaukee. The change was amazing. Sam began reading the Word, asking questions, seeking the Lord. Gone was dark music, gone was the attitude and in its place was the joyful Sam who used to curl up with my devotional books by Spurgeon and company. Today he is a sophomore in Christian college, seeking God’s will for his education and life. I tell you this today because as Christian parents, it is sometimes easy to despair. We try to teach our children, we pray for them, long for them to love the Lord, and when sometimes they don’t, we can give up. Don’t ever do that. Continue to pray. Hold fast to God’s promises and trust that He will work in His time and way to accomplish His will in their lives. It isn’t easy to wait. I am still praying for certain others of my children. That is our job as Christian parents, to earnestly seek the Lord for each and every child God gives on loan to us. Sam called me yesterday from work at VCY America. “Mom, I am so excited!” I wondered what was going on. “You’ll never guess what I found. I have been cleaning out the Crosstalk archive room and I found these unbelievable old books covered in junk. I found an old hymnal from the 1800’s, a biography of George Muller, a book on the 23rd Psalm by F.B. Meyer, an old book from the 1930’s on apologetics against modernism, and that’s just to name a few. You won’t believe this stuff.” He came home last night with these dirty old books in a box and his eyes shining. He gave me the little black 23rd Psalm book by F.B. Meyer, and I was deeply ministered to by it last night. I hope to share some of it here on Slice later today. These were rediscovered treasures that many would have shoveled into the dumpster. I hope this site encourages you to blow the dust off the old treasures of the Christian faith in books and hymns that have stood the test of time. My young son is testimony to the fact that the truth of the Gospel IS exciting, no matter what generation you come from. The truth of God’s Word should excite every one of us who struggles to live pleasing to Christ in these dark times. There is still a remnant, young and old, that looks to the Bible. Praise the Lord for that. Praise the Lord!"

--Ingrid Schlueter, Slice of


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