Tuesday, May 29, 2007

God's Worship Style is Not Entertaining & Casual

THIS POST on entertainment styles of worship is from Oldtruth.com.

It is a quote taken from the book "With Reverence and Awe: Returning to the Basics of Reformed Worship" by D. G. Hart, John R. Muether:

"Much of today's worship is oriented, consciously or not, around the idea of entertainment. Pastors and elders fall under tremendous pressure to conduct services that are lively, practical, and relevant in order to keep the people in the pews interested in what is happening. The constant fear is that members will leave a boring style of worship for the church across town with better music, a bigger and younger congregation, and with better lighting and sound systems.

Sermons are becoming messages geared more to "felt" needs than to driving home the needs that the bible says fallen men and women (both redeemed and unredeemed) have. And the message itself is delivered by someone who tries to come across as a "regular guy," not God's servant who is a steward of the mysteries of God, who must handle the word of truth with care, and who has been set apart for this holy task.

Writing in the Christian Century, Edward Farley recently commented that contemporary worship creates a tone that is "casual, comfortable, chatty, busy, humorous, pleasant and at a time even cute." He goes on to suggest that "if the seraphim assumed this Sunday morning mood, they would be addressing God not only as 'holy, holy, holy', but as 'nice, nice, nice.'"


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