Thursday, May 24, 2007

Jesus walks into a bar …

"JESUS asked his mates to stay with him, but they got pissed and fell asleep, the bloody bastards."

This is an excerpt from an interesting article on some versions of Emergent churches in Australia.

Yes they may be luring people in but I worry about where and who they are leading the people to. This is nothing new, just more examples of this growing trend of Emergent.

Here is another quote from the article:

"They lay down a purple shawl, with an icon of Jesus, candles and polished rocks, play some music, do some tai chi to relax, listen to a teaching tape, then meditate for 25 minutes. They are utterly still and silent.

The co-ordinator, Annabelle Morgan, was brought up a strict Catholic before getting interested in Eastern mysticism. "I tried Buddhism and others, but there was something missing, and I found it at home in my own tradition," she says.

"In the silence, I've found the experience of being loved. It's very experiential - you can't get the feeling of being loved in your head."


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