Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Do you see church as lame? Is it irrelevant and boring? How about the music, is it just too outdated and dull?

The messages; ever finding yourself tuning out and wishing you were somewhere else, thinking about a million other things other than the what the preacher's talking about? And why are those old time preachers always so negative? Always talking about what I should NOT do. Always talking about sin and what's wrong with me. And hell, can we just calm down a little on that subject?

How about those bibles, the ones written with all the Thee's and Thou's. Ever find it mentally exhausting trying to understand it?

When was the last time you could relate to the prayers? Ever wonder why they have to go on so long? Do they really expect us to stay focused?

Then you have the pastors. Wouldn't it help if they had someone who's a little younger, who can really relate to the younger generations? I mean, let's at least get rid of the tie and lighten up a bit. Could we please?

My dear friend, if you have ever found yourself asking these questions and thinking these thoughts, as I have at times, then there needs to be some serious examination of your commitment to the true self-sacrificing gospel of our Lord. These are attitudes which should never be allowed to exist in the believer. Never! These attitudes are, as I have been guilty of, self-centered and missing the whole call to being a disciple of Jesus Christ. If you have fallen prey to this way of seeing things, then you have been tricked by modern day ideas of the freedom many people believe we have in reinventing the church, the youth group, the gospel and worship. Repent of it. We must set aside our self-centered preferences and desires of how we want our youth group or church to be. We need to step aside and elevate our affections to the lofty, high calling of God to self-denial and humility in the fear of the Lord.

We must elevate our understanding of the gospel and relate to it through the disciplines of study, prayer and denial of sin, instead of dumbing it down and expecting the gospel to relate to us.

Take a look at the comments recently posted by Ingrid from Slice. She brings a healthy biblical perspective on the issue.




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