Friday, March 10, 2006


• Before you bring the Kingdom of God to your city and world;
Ask yourself if you're bringing the love of God to your family.

• Before thinking about how to feed the poor in Uganda;
Try obeying your parents with the joy of the Lord at home where it really counts. Maybe clean your room, or do the dishes without being asked to.

• Before becoming "soul naked" with your small group and telling them all of you problems;
Say the words your parents are longing to hear, how much you love and appreciate them.

• Before trying to fix your friends and get revenge for wrong done to you;
Go and apologize and ask your brother or sister, mom or dad how you have wronged them. Ask them to forgive you.

• Before hugging your friends or girlfriend or boyfriend;
Give you father and mother a hug and let them know that you appreciate all the sacrifices they've done for you.

• Before praying for peace in the Middle East;
Bring peace to your home. Forgive and mend broken relationships. Pray for the peace of God in your family.

• Before fighting against pollution and saving the environment;
Take a few minutes and tell your unsaved friends about their eternal destination unless they repent and seek God's forgiveness.

• Before dancing and hip-hopin' with your "peeps" at youth group meeting;
Spend time with alone God. Ask him to teach you to tremble at the piercing of his Holy Word.

• Before admiring the eloquence of speech of the bible teacher;
Humble yourself in the fear and awe of almighty God as He reveals His sovereign character in scripture.

• Before spending countless hours on "myspace" or surfing the internet;
Spend some time weeping and mourning over unconfessed or hidden sin you have committed against the Holy God.

• Before rushing into sacred worship of the almighty Lamb of God;
Come to the foot of the cross and pour out your sin before the Lord in a broken and contrite heart pleading for His undeserving mercy.

Before you save the world, save the environment, bring the Kingdom, pray for peace, feed the poor, be the friend, surf the web or whatever it might be, the first place where God expects you to be a real agent for Him is AT HOME. If it's not being done there, it is NOT REAL !

One of the highest priorities for the young person must be the first small group God placed us all in, the family. No matter how messed up it might be. Your 1st responsibility ? "Obey your parents in the Lord for this is right" (Eph. 6:1).

For the young person, there is no greater way to love and honor God than to obey Him AT HOME.
2 John 1:6. And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands.



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