Friday, March 03, 2006

"Who Can I Trust ?"

I'll never forget the look on the face of a particular high school girl as we were intently discussing the onslaught of erroneous teachings being infiltrated into churches all over–particularly her church. She looked directly in my eye, almost in tears and asked..."Kenny, who can I trust ?" That question of hers haunted me. It disturbed me. It still disturbs me. Pastors she had trusted, youth pastors, senior pastors, she began to wonder...are these men being deceived ?

It didn't stop there. I heard of her tell about friends she had known from childhood who had gone off to seminary, when coming back home to visit, started to speak about these strange doctrines and theologies she had never heard of before. I just started to shake my head in disbelief. I paused several times in silence, I paused in grief. We spoke for over two hours.

What is it that is causing so many pastors to dabble in these "new" church growth trends ?

Unlike many pastors today, this high school girl had enough discernment to recognize a drift toward false teachings and had a hunger for the pure truth of God as revealed through God's holy scriptures instead of blindly following along with whatever the church leadership wanted to try next. Awesome kid !

THIS ARTICLE does a good job at explaining how many of these pastors fall into these traps. Many of these pastors are sincere. They do need to be prayed for. Just as God spared this high school girl from the delusion, he will spare pastors who are among his elect.

No one ever said this stuff was going to be easy.



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