Tuesday, March 07, 2006

RICHARD FOSTER and "Christian" Mysticism

"Mysticism and contemplative prayer is seeping into evangelicalism from many sources and a deluge could very well be in the offing. We need to be prepared to defend the faith against this highly dangerous perversion of biblical Christianity."

-Gary E. Gilley, Pastor-Teacher

These comments from Gary Gilley are alarming. More alarming is the realization that a drift toward mysticism may be occurring in many of our very own trusted neighborhood protestant churches and denominations. Could this be possible in denominations such as Baptists or Presbyterian ? You'd be surprised.

Gary Gilley presents the case how Richard Foster's book "Celebration of Discipline" has led the way for a reintroduction of mysticism and how it is currently sweeping throughout evangelicalism. THIS ARTICLE is in 5 brief parts but worth the time to read especially when we realize that in many cases youth pastors are the ones standing before trusting high school and middle school kids promoting and flirting with this yet another subtle form of delusion from the father of lies.

Parents, find out what your kids are being exposed to. Find out what kind of curriculum is being used at your church. While you're at it, find out what books your youth pastor reads and what influences his thinking and ideologies.

This is not something for us to become complacent with. The enemy is relentless and very clever and subtle.

• TIP: Parts 1 through 3 deal more specifically with defining mysticism, Richard Foster and contemplative prayer. Part 4 deals with labyrinths and their increasing popularity and part 5 shows how the desire to "experience God" has created a climate for christians to be open to mysticism.



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