Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Kingdom of God on Earth NOW ?

Many in the Emergent Church movement seem to view the cross of Christ as more than just saving human souls from an eternity in hell...yes hell. Salvation on the cross must also include saving the cosmos (creation).

Many in the Emergent Church movement also seem to have an obsession to usher in the Kingdom of God (KOG) on earth within human history. Bringing the KOG into every aspect of society, including the environment.

What is the biblical perspective on something which sounds so right like desiring to promote the Kingdom of God on earth ? Isn't that what God wants us to do ?

Before questions like this can be answered it is important to understand (from a biblical perspective) what the KOG actually is.

THIS ARTICLE by Ken Silva from Apprising Ministries begins to address the issues of salvation and the kingdom of God as perceived by Rob Bell from his book Velvet Elvis.

Here pastor Ken begins to demonstrate the errors in Rob Bell's teachings on these subjects. Again topics such as these will be dealt with on a continuing bases.


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