Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Contemplative Prayer Craze

I think this is a very important article by Paul Proctor. He is very direct and what he is warning about in this article I also believe is showing up in christian circles more and more.

This is more than just another evangelical "trend". This is a spiritually dangerous slippery slope into heresy and eventually, if not already, apostasy.

Here is an excerpt:

"Contemplative Spirituality is finding its way into the church these days largely through youth groups, events, conferences, concerts, and coffee houses where Emergent leaders and their wayward wisdom wow young wannabes into mind-numbing mysticism right under the noses of ignorant and/or delinquent parents and pastors who assume their teens are being instructed in the faith of their fathers, having, in absentia, abdicated their spiritual duty over to change agents so they themselves can passionately pursue their own purpose driven lives.

The seeker-sensitive pulpits of America long ago jettisoned the fear of the Lord and the Gospel of repentance in order to partake in the pragmatic pleasures of personal experience and cuddle in the cozy compromise of consensus, spawning a generation of "Christians" that care not about the absolute truth of God's Word but only about turning inward for gratification and guidance and outward for adulation and affirmation, just like their PDL parents, making them more compliant to the coming one-world religion of tolerance, diversity and unity. Simply put, Contemplative prayer is quickly becoming the transition tool of choice to ultimately unite a compromised church with a wanton world through mysticism."



Blogger Gomarus said...

Thanks for the tip, Kenny. I agree this is an important issue. I have repeated the post at my place and linked to you and Proctor.

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Gigi said...

I agree with Francis Schaeffer, who predicted a lot of this long ago. This "trend" is a natural outgrowth of what has been happening for a long time, what John McArthur rightly calls the "theology of experience." People want to feel good (and there is nothing wrong with that in its proper context), but at the expense of truth. Our people have not been taught to think. You feed this to a group year in and year out, and it sets the stage for them to become involved in this sort of practice without examining against the standard of Scripture. While in the Bible we are admonished NOT to be contentious, we are also admonished to be vigilant against a tolerance for error. A lot of our churches have gradually conditioned us to be politically correct and accept anything anyone says in the name of grace and love.

It's a serious matter.

12:00 PM  

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