Sunday, October 29, 2006

"When Did "Mission" Quit Meaning Evangelism?"

"How did evangelicalism get to the point where its leaders are openly bragging about transforming nations? How did we get to the point where the term "mission" has now been broadened to include marketplace (commerce) and changing the governments of nations? When did "mission" quit meaning evangelism, i.e., sharing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ from the Written Word of the Bible? When did it start meaning social action of the most dominionist kind?"

READ MORE HERE-- on this interesting subject.

Herescope has an entire series--CLICK HERE-- on the resurgence of the "Social Gospel" via Rick Warren, C. Peter Wagner, Brian McLaren, Peter Drucker, Bob Buford--there are lots of other names you will recognize if you take the time to read these very informative articles.

If you read authors, hear speakers and/or preachers proclaiming similar ideologies, please be informed so you can make you own intelligent conclusions as to whether or not this is all coming from the same place. And don't be afraid to question where these people got their information from. I helps in your reseach.

It does make one wonder when you continue to see the same themes appear over and over and over again.

Just be informed.


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