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She's a FLIRT

You're married. You're in love. You're totally committed to your wife. You found her alone and lost. You found her neglected, hungry, scared and contentious. You went to great lengths to gain her trust and devotion. You've sacrificed for her. You've spent hours, days, months, years understanding her, listening to her, talking to her. You've always made sure you were there by her side whenever she was was going through any difficult situation. You've always made sure to provide for her whenever she was in need. Your love for her has prompted you to give of yourself in ways which can only be explained as inexplicable love. Others around you ponder in amazement and cannot comprehend your devotion to her.

Your love is so great for her you've given her your all.

There's just one problem...she loves to FLIRT.

She just loves the attention from the other men in the neighborhood. It reminds her of how it used to be. She starts to wear provocative clothing–the ones that the guys like to see her in. You've noticed she is wearing perfume, putting on jewelry, adding make up whenever she goes out in public when you've told her many times that you prefer she not do those things.

You notice when she's around others at social events her body language is a bit different. She acts different when other men come near. Sometimes you've noticed her bat her eyes at certain men as they complimented her on how pretty she looks. She doesn't exactly try to avoid the attention either. It seems like she actually seeks it out and SHE LIKES IT. She loves to hear those compliments, especially from those more respected men in society. She thinks they're smart. She thinks they're funny. She giggles...they make her laugh. She loves hanging around them even to the point of neglecting her husband.

One day you found some letters of hers from some of the other men in town. The letters read of plans of how they may be able to do things together, help each other with some of the things going on in their neighborhoods, plans of organizing large get togethers and how much good it will do the whole community. Some of these letters even gave her advice, tips and instructions on how to improve her relationship with you, her husband. These were from the same men with whom she had been flirting. You can not understand why she would be corresponding with these men in this way. When confronted about the letters she claims that they are no big deal and that these men are just friends of hers and they are nice, they compliment her they make her feel good. You know these men very well. You know who they are and what they want. They do not have her best interest at heart. You try to WARN HER but she continues to pull away from you and gradually draws closer to them. Sometimes she trusts them more than she trusts you. They say nice things to her. She enjoys the fact that they make her feel good and flatter her.

You've written many letters to her and have done so for a very long time. Detailed, specific letters reassuring her of your commitment and sacrifice for her. Letters explaining to her of her security, safety, and future. You've reminded her again and again if she were only to spend her time STUDYING your letters to her and talk to you, the relationship would not be SUFFERING as it now is. She WOULD NOT have the desire to pursue other men's affections. The relationship would be based on trust.

How sad it is. How sad it is especially when one considers what great lengths you went through to RESCUE her out of her hopeless and lonely condition.


I realize that this little story does not even come close to illustrating how the church, the bride of Christ is engaged in a flirtatious adulterous rendezvous LOVE AFFAIR WITH THE WORLD.

Having said that, below I will attempt to take the main points from the above story and point out how it parallels the modern church:

• "She starts to wear provocative clothing".–––Every time the church ADJUSTS HER METHODS to look more appealing in order to gain acceptance of the world she is hoping the world will look upon her desirously and pay her a compliment and keep coming back to her as she continues to GO BACK TO THE WORLD.

• "She thinks they're smart".–––Every time the church exalts intellegencia in order to gain the intellectual approval of her worldly neighbors she is falling for the LIE of earthly secular wisdom above the misunderstood superior wisdom of God.

• "She thinks they're funny. She giggles..."–––Every time christians run after worldly entertainment which cloaks immoral lifestyle behavior like homosexuality, in humor so as to make it more acceptable, they're turning their attention to another lover as the Holy Spirit GRIEVES. She is ignoring his warning to AVOID ALL APPEARANCES OF EVIL.

• "One day you found some letters of hers."–––Some of the books and authors many christians read, especially pastors have diluted the loyalty and perspective of the church to the point to where pastors and church leaders are allowing the introduction of mysticism, CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER and NEW SPIRITUALITY in the church. Many churches recommend books on their websites which are alarming when one discovers and understands what some of these authors stand for, endorse and believe. Many of these theologies and doctrines are contrary to the bible. It is possible that these church leaders are unaware of some the the teachings of these authors. Whether they are or not makes no difference since many people in their congregation may purchase and read these books simply out of trust in their leaders.

Why would a church recommend a book by someone involved in the New Age like KEN BLANCHARD who claims that "Buddha points to the path and invites us to begin our journey to enlightenment. I ... invite you to begin your journey to enlightened work." ? Or a pastor such as DAN KIMBALL who engages in the ancient mystical practice of labyrinth prayer walks ? Some churches promote books by BRIAN MCLAREN who has a non-biblical view on the doctrines of HELL, HOMOSEXUALITY, and the CROSS OF CHRIST. And then there are others like LEONARD SWEET with his deconstructionistic new age DOUBLE RING postmodern non-sense.
(time does not permit to point out some of the heretical authors some of these men just mentioned have endorsed. That may be dealt with in the future).

• "You've written many letters to her".––2 Tim. 3:16-17: "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work".
Seeking instruction and direction from books which are contrary to biblical doctrine or which suggest spiritual insight not found rooted in scripture opens one up to becoming vulnerable to false teachings and "OTHER" GOSPELS.

We are the church, the bride of Christ. If we are to present ourselves SPOTLESS and undefiled before Christ, we must pursue holiness.

Holiness is not compatible with flirting. How close do we really think we are to God if we can so easily FLIRT WITH THE WORLD ?

I hope the church does not forget these verses–Ephesians 5:25-27:

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.

This line from the hymn "THE CHURCH'S ONE FOUNDATION" plays over again and again in my is such a good reminder of an eternal truth–It's all from Him, by Him, to Him, for Him.

"From heaven he came and SOUGHT HER
to be his holy bride;
with his own blood he BOUGHT HER,
and FOR HER life HE DIED."



Blogger Andy said...

That story is a good reminded of many of us who have an attraction to the world and want to see how close we can get to it, neglecting God in the process. What is wrong with adjusting methods though(I understand some are over the top, but others are necessary), are we supposed to have churches that resemble 1st century near eastern synagogues and dont even have instruments?

5:10 PM  
Blogger Kennyo said...

Hey Andy,
To answer your question–I think it's when the church deliberately tries to be more world-like in order to look appealing and in doing so takes away the difficult parts of the message of following Christ is when she gets in trouble. Jesus never meant for the church to be attractive to the world that is why the gospel is offensive and peculiar to the lost world. Our message starts off with making people aware of their sin and lost condition before a holy God, a call to repentance, and then an offer of His forgiveness.

No where in the bible is it taught that the weekly gathering of believers, known as the church service, was ever used for evangelizing. It was always for worship and the edification of believers. The christians in the early church gathered for fellowship and scattered to evangelize. When the church tries to look "relevant" to the world with the goal of evangelizing, she is doing something which was never done in the bible.

It's the Holy Spirit's job to draw the sinner and our job to be obedient to God. He doesn't need our help just our obedience.

Instuments are fine as long as the purpose is for worshipping God in spirit and in truth rather than trying to appear relevant in order to draw people in the doors.

It comes down to understanding what the purpose of the church is.

I hope that helps.


6:44 PM  
Blogger Call Me Ishmael said...

Interesting and provacative. And, unfortunately, on target.

10:34 PM  
Blogger Michael Anthony said...


For about a month I have followed your blog and your thoughts. Having grown up in a church where you were a leader and having been in your class and learning from you I have to apologize because I have reached a point where your words, so full of hatred and spite, have driven me away from even being able to come to this site and read what you have to say. For the past year and a half I have been working with a brand new church in Tallahassee, whose goal is to reach out and bring others to Christ, teaching them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Primarily I came to your blog because I had heard of a twisted and anger filled message that you were proclaiming and I defended you, assuming that someone I respected as a leader would have no part in that. I continued to defend and not allow anyone to speak poorly of you as I still do today, but I can no longer read your words because I see that what was said is true. Your site is not here to encourage the Body of Christ. It is here to bury and spit on those who do not agree with you. Your words do not express the love of Christ but the spite and arrogance of the Pharisees. Every day I try to make Tallahassee the kind of place where Christ is known and the love and good works that Christ showed us is evident. When I come home and read your blog, you tear apart all the good and all the love that I work so hard and pray so deeply for. Because of this I can no longer view you as one who is seeking to further the Body of Christ or teach the world to see and follow Him. I cannot listen to your words because they poison the work that is being done by people who are passionately seeking Christ.

Good luck in all you do. I hope that my readings of your blog have been entirely misunderstood and that you have every good intention in mind, and if that is the case, I would ask that you begin to take on a different attitude in this blog, as many people have been influenced by you, and the last thing, I would hope, that you would want is to drive people away from Christ.

In love,
Michael Lopez

5:09 PM  
Blogger Kennyo said...

Hey Michael,
Those were some very strong comments you had expressing your perception of this blog. First of all it is great to hear about what is going on in that church in Tallahassee. It sounds like God is doing some great things there.

You know we are in a family and sometimes in families you have those very uncomfortable sit down talks where things need to be laid out on the table. Sometimes it can be intense and go on longer than we had hoped it would. I really believe this is one of those times. Families which truly love each other will confront things.

There are false teachings and heresies sweeping through the church today like wildfire. Many times they creep in unaware (Jude v 3-4). Subtleties and partial truths are one of the most effective tools of the enemy.

I started this blog after much prayer and several events which confirmed to me that for as long as God wills he would have me do this for the purpose of warning fellow believers, whom I love, about some of these false teachings creeping into the church. Many of the articles on thinkerup address these issues. The other purpose is to help people get some sound biblical doctrine to help avoid false teachings and recognize when they are present. True love will expose error. It is a very biblical thing to do. Paul confronted Peter in Galations 2 when he was in error. In Jude it speaks of contending for the faith. Col. 2:8 warns to about those who can keep you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophies rather than the on Christ. 2 Peter warns of false teachers, 1 John 4 says to test the spirits because of false prophets in the world. 2 Cor. 10 speaks of tearing down imaginations-thoughts that exalt themselves above God. I haven't even mentioned the old testament prophets yet.

Michael, I have never used words toward others like "twisted and anger filled message", or "bury or spit", "spite and arrogance of the Pharisee", "tear apart", "poison". As I look at the teachings of some of the pastors and authors identified in articles on thinkerup, I have never used these adjectives to describe them and all the while, as their teachings are increasingly infiltrating the church–even the churches in our own backyard – I have never resorted to such descriptions. I have addressed their teachings while identifying the authors and the doctrines they proclaim. My hope is that christians reading these articles will compare what is being taught or read in these books to scripture and thus recognize the errors. The issues I am raising on this site can be backed up and are documented. I do believe these things going on need to be confronted with direct and bold language.

You seem very sincere and if the way I've written things seem malicious or come across as an attack, I assure you that is not why I'm doing this. However, I do believe it is time to call things as they are.

Since you know me I would love to talk to you further just so you understand where I am coming from. Please send me an email with your phone number. I would look forward to that.

I love the church, I love my brothers and sisters in Christ therefore my speech should be full of grace. Also if I love them my speech should be seasoned with salt so I know how to respond in God's truth.-Col. 4:6


11:34 PM  
Blogger Shirley O said...

I would hope Mike would revisit this comment area just to see if someone would respond. I was sad when I read your comment to Kenny regarding this blog site. I always wondered when I read scripture how so many would be deceived in the end times. When we refuse to reach people with the complete truth of the Bible we aide in the deception. To make Christ our home boy, or our Heavenly Father our Big Daddy upstairs we grieve the Holy Spirit.We bring Christ and His ultimate sacrifice down to our level just to make Him seeem more appealing to the masses. We need to Share of his love but lets us be ever mindful that it is my sin that nailed him to the cross. A humble and contrite heart that's what God desires. As Christians we are called to be set apart, that means to be, look and act different. Not like our wordly counterparts but a chosen people, who love the sinner but share the true gospel of salvation. Sin separates us fom God. So lets stop telling people they have made some poor choices or simply mistakes. Lets tell them that the creator of the universe died for their sin,so they may have life everlasting. Sometimes people tell me things I don't want to hear about myself but I am so very thankful that they did so I could be spared from harm and gain wisdom. The Bible says we are to seek wisdom and discernment. I believe this blog site moves people to truly search their heart and minds to know what they believe as compared to the only standard we should compare to The Holy Bible.

2:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said Shirley. I absolutely agree with you. Thanks KTO for your excellent articles. Keep up the good work of exposing the false teachings and deceptions that are amongst us. God bless you and keep you. -CT

3:47 PM  

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