Monday, March 27, 2006

The Emergent Emperor's (not so new) Clothes

There's one thing I just do not understand about these Emergent types (actually there are many but I will only deal with one now). When it comes to the issue of homosexuality you would think you're reading the children's story of the emperor's new clothes.

To illustrate my point take a look at this post on the blog of JASON CLARK from the UK commenting on his observations at a Generous Orthodoxy event (apparently lauding the praises of the Emergent Emperor Brian McLaren). See how nonchalantly and permissively homosexuality is dealt with. It's an automatic "give-in" that it's OK to be this way. According to Jason Clark the highlight of the event was how the acceptance of the homosexual "christians" permeated the meeting to the point of being precious.

It's no surprise this was a Brian McLaren event. In his LECTURE to students at Princeton he stated that what if there are thousands of John Calvins out there, and God decided to make them gay ? (toward the end of the audio)

Again, another unbiblical position of confusion not uncommon within the Emergent Church by their most prominent philosophical leader Brian McLaren.



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