Friday, March 24, 2006

God Hates A Mixture

by Joseph R. Chambers, D.D.
of Paw Creek Ministries

The church of this apostate generation has lost its power and purity by allowing a mixture. This is clearly one of Satan's primary battle strategies.

When liberalism is on the outside, it begs the church for fair play and the right to be a part. But, when liberalism is inside, it slowly leavens the lump until it is in the majority and then it says to those whom it begged acceptance, "Get out! We do not need your old-fashioned ways."

When psychology was but the little fox, all it appeared to desire was just the right to be a part. Psychology wanted to help make the gospel more effective for those who had pain and were emotionally wrecked. Oh, but when psychology gains a place of authority, it then says to the Gospel, "You are too old-fashioned and out-dated, I'm the better way." Psychology makes a beautiful dressed up rational for compassion, but it is nothing but Satan as an angel of light.

The Holy Bible is a book of the "strait and narrow." It is perfect in every part and aspect of its message. The pure church is the powerful church. All you need to do to produce a false gospel is add one element of the world and its imaginations. When you add the twelve-step programs to your church, you become a social agency, not the Bride of Christ. When psychology enters the door of a church, it becomes religious humanism, instead of the Holy Ghost possessed House of God. When social programs replace the prayer meeting, you have a community club instead of a rescue mission.

God will have a Bride unspotted and undefiled. She will not be a mixture of the world and the church. Our Heavenly Father is still possessing those who have been redeemed, called out, and established in His absolute Word. An admixture of religion is more deadly to the lost soul than the beer parlor.


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