Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Purpose Driven View...From The Inside

On this blog I don't comment much on the whole Purpose Driven Life/Church frenzy from Rick Warren but once in a while I read something which I believe should be read.

The Purpose Driven and Willow Creek juggernaut has handed off the baton to the Emergent church movement for the postmodern generation with it's multiple variations of experimental and experiential mystical tendencies. There will always be plenty to comment on regarding Emergent as each day they re-imagine and redefine who they are. Stay tuned.

For now, these 2 posts below are simply reminding us how this pragmatism blossomed into an American Evangelical Wrecking Machine. It's a shame.

If you as a reader have not researched much on the damage this has done to christians all throughout Christendom, hopefully THIS ARTICLE and THIS ONE should help shed some light on the subject.


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