Monday, July 30, 2007

Cast Your Burden on the Lord

Have you ever been disappointed by a christian leader who at one time seemed to be pretty solid in doctrine and teaching but all the sudden has "sold-out" to the Emergent apostasy or Warrenism, or contemplative spirituality etc. and is no longer teaching biblically? It is a very sad thing to see.

You may find THIS POST by Mike Ratliff encouraging.

Here is an excerpt:

"As the great Apostasy of the Church deepens and widens it seems that even those we once looked up to as solid and faithful servants of the Most High are slipping into unbelief. It is these failures that seem to strike the hardest at our hearts. We even begin to wonder, “Who’s next?” However, we must not become consumed with discouragement because of this. Yes, it should make us sorrowful, but we must not allow the lack of faithfulness by people to affect our walk with the Lord. Our role model is Jesus Christ. We should look to Him alone as our rock and firm foundation, not other people. Men will always let us down eventually."


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