Monday, December 18, 2006

Elevate Your Idea of God

Thanks Ken @ for finding this quote from Spurgeon:

"Sin is great, and for that reason the sinner thinks it cannot be pardoned, as if he measured the Lord by his sin and fancied that his sin was greater than the mercy of God. Hence, our difficulty with men who are really awakened [to the gravity of their sin] is to raise their thoughts of God's mercy in proportion to their raised idea of the greatness of sin, While they do not feel their sin, they say that God is merciful and talk very flippantly about it, as if pardon were a trifle. But when they feel the weight of sin, then they think it impossible that sin should be forgiven. In our text God in condescension helps the sinner to believe in pardon by elevating his idea of God. Because God is infinitely superior to man, He can abundantly pardon."

--Charles Spurgeon


Anonymous Steve said...

This IS a great quote! Thanks.

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