Thursday, December 14, 2006

"Are We Willing to Drink His Cup?"

"I say with all my heart, we’re looking for a painless Pentecost.
We want to invest a dime and get a million dollars back.
Can you drink of the cup? "We are able," and so they drank, and were crucified.

Today it is considered sadistic if you even say that people have to take up their cross. "Don’t tell young people about the cross—they’ll be discouraged." Are you suggesting that Jesus wasn’t smart? "If you’re going to be my disciple, kiss the world goodbye." You see, when people are born again these days, they don’t get separated from the world. Most likely their pastor is the most worldly guy around! But if you’re going to get what He wants to give, if you’re going to get the true baptism of the Spirit, you have to drink of that cup."

--Leonard Ravenhill, from his sermon "Are we willing to drink His cup?"


Blogger Phil Perkins said...

"Painless Pentecost," huh? That's EXACTLY what so many "preachers" offer.

Spot on, Bro.

Phil Perkins.

11:22 AM  

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