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"He That is not Zealous Against Error, is Not Likely to be Zealous for Truth"

These excerpts below from JC Ryle need to be heard by the members of my former church and are a good warning for every christian to live by.

So many people I know ask me (when discussing some of the spiritual problems occurring at my former church) "why don't you get the information together and let me see it? I will take it to the pastor and ask him "what is going on?" " On many occasions I have responded to their requests sending emails, links, articles, documentations, and recommending readings. In most of these cases I never hear back from any of these people. They seem to be getting more entrenched in the church rather than reading, understanding and confronting the problem. Did they read the material I gave them? Did they understand any of it? Did I overload them and give them too much info to read? Are they trying to find out things for themselves or are they waiting for somebody else to just come along and give them the easy-to-see answer to a spiritual problem?

It seems like people are too busy to read and study. Too busy to take the time to throughly examine from scripture what teachings are coming from their church. (remember Acts 17:11?) It seems like they rely on trusting their leaders over and above understanding, testing and relying on what is written in the Word of God.

I ran into a family tonight who fits this description perfectly. The teenager and mother at one point, almost a year ago, were very interested in some of the strange things happening at this church so I spent hours gathering information for them, sent numerous emails containing articles and links several times and I heard nothing from them. As a matter of fact, they have become more involved.

On the other hand, I have been corresponding with one man who has had the veil pulled from his eyes and he too is warning others still there of the subtle changes. Fortunately a couple of people are listening to him and responding affirmatively, although most still are not. Also there are other people who have confronted the church leadership and challenger them on certain issues, still others have just left the church. Most seem to be at ease with the way things are.

A church purposefully weak on doctrine but full of very, very friendly people.


excerpts from Prove All Things by J.C. Ryle (1816-1900):

"The principle laid down is this, "Prove all things by the Word of God.—All ministers, all teaching, all preaching, all doctrines, all sermons, all writings, all opinions, all practices,— prove all by the Word of God. Measure all by the measure of the Bible.—Compare all with the standard of the Bible. Weigh all in the balances of the Bible.—Examine all by the light of the Bible.—Test all in the crucible of the Bible. That which can abide the fire of the Bible, receive, hold, believe and obey. That which cannot abide the fire of the Bible, reject, refuse, repudiate, and cast away.

Reader, as long as you live resolve that you will read for yourself; think for yourself, judge of the Bible for yourself; in the great matters of your soul. Have an opinion of your own. Never be ashamed of saying, "I think that this is right, because I find it in the Bible," and "I think that this is wrong, because I do not find it in the Bible." "Prove all things," and prove them by the Word of God.

As long as you live, beware of the blindfold system, which many commend in the present day,—the system of following a leader, and having no opinion of their own—the system which practically says, "Only keep your Church, only receive the sacraments, only believe what the ordained ministers who are set over you tell you, and then all shall be well" I warn you that this will not do. I warn you that if you are content with this kind of religion, you are periling your immortal soul. Let the Bible, and not any Church upon earth, or any minister upon earth, be your rule of faith. "Prove all things" by the Word of God."

"He that is not zealous against error, is not likely to be zealous for truth"


Anonymous Anonymous said...


What most people do is act like sheep, eager to follow, rather that to think and act on their own. Even when clearly shown that things are in error, they do NOT act upon the knowledge for themselves. They say "I wonder what my pastor thinks about this". Their first impulse is to run to their daddy, the pastor. Their first impulse rather should be to run to the Holy Spirit and the scriptures!

Also, it's like they do not believe there are really serious problems unless enough other people believe the same! They are basing their response on the majority. If there was a thosand people at their church who agreed that there were serious problems there THEN the individual would finally say "yeah, I guess you're right. Now I see what you mean, there are serious problems there". But when just a small handful of folks show the evidence, they, deep down inside, don't believe it. Instead, they rely on their pastors to be their own sort of holy spirit. This in spite of the real Holy Spirit who has, in many cases, already confirmed in their spirit through scripture that things are in error at that church!

When you see serious spiritual problems in your church, you must act. You must pray and ask the Holy Spirit to confirm what you perceive to be wrong through diligent searching through the scriptures. Once confirmed by God, you must speak up. Don't go to your pastor to ask him if this or that is wrong. KNOW (and you can) what is right or wrong according to scripture before hand. Once you have expressed the error to the pastors/leadership you must wait and listen for God's direction to respond again as God leads and in the end, you might have to leave that church. YES leave. But leave in obedience to God alone. If God is calling you out, YOU HAD BETTER NOT STAY. If you do, you WILL become like King Jeroboam in 1 Kings chapters 11 thru 13. He had a chance to obey but chose NOT to follow God's direction and he ended up in spiritual bankruptcy.


12:31 PM  
Blogger Kennyo said...


It's hard not to get passionate about these things when you see so many people you know just sit there fat, dumb, and happy as the church slowly opens its doors to unbiblical teaching and methods.


12:34 PM  
Blogger carla said...

Okay...I had to read this 5 times to convince myself that I didn't write it...that's how much I can relate. Believe me, you are not alone.

Love the J.C. Ryle quote.

3:06 AM  
Blogger Kennyo said...

Thanks Carla for your comments. I know this is happening in many other places too. It tends to get you down sometimes. The only solution I can think of is to pray for a real revival.

7:32 AM  

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