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Myspace Smut

Do you have teenage kids? If so are you aware of MySpace? If you are not sure what MySpace is, it is a personal website where kids can chat with their friends, post information about themselves with animated graphics, quizzes, profiles with the ability to customize their information with just about any graphic they want...and I mean just about ANY.

Just by perusing through Myspace of random christian kids I happen to know, I was astonished at the content of some of the material I saw. Granted, some kids do not have foul language or soft porn pictures on their myspace site, for which I am very thankful, however the amount of profanity, explicit graphics, and semi-pornographic content I saw on many of the kids' sites kind of shocked me. Some of this content was on the Myspace sites of "friends" who have been invited to be on their list, enabling them to contact each other but some of the profanity and explicit content was also on sites of some of these "christian" church kids. I cannot count how many times I saw the "F" word "B" word, the "N" word, the "SH" word, and the "A" word as though for many of these kids it's just the normal way of speaking, which I guess it is. Or how many kids decide to post pictures of themselves flipping a bird or seductively dressed, this also includes shirtless boys with their pants hanging off their hips, I guess they think they're sexy.

One site had a nice little greeting of "He is Risen-Happy Easter" which I thought was really nice then I scrolled down only to find a cartoon showing a series of pictures of a man's private parts with "funny" little sayings about the sexual activities it engages in...if you know what I mean. Then there was the illustrated picture of a naked body-builder, with exaggerated externals, showing off everything-with the caption: "This is what happens when you mix steroids with Viagra". I'm sure you can figure out what the graphics looked like. Or how about the animated cartoon graphic of a woman stripping and when she becomes totally naked you discover it's actually a man in the lower regions. I felt uncomfortable looking at these sites and thought (if my wife walked in the room right now she would think I'm looking at internet porn) but the truth of the matter is I was simply seeing what was on some of these kid's Myspace.

One of the features is a section where kids can take quizzes–––Blogthings Quizzes. This helps identify things about them, their personalities, likes and dislikes. Below is an example of the quizzes kids can take. By the way this doesn't really have any age restrictions.

What Kind of Seducer Are You?

What Song Should You Strip To?

What's Your Porn Star Name?

I realize a lot of kids have a Myspace account. Many of these kids also have no desire to be raunchy or filthy when posting information about themselves or selecting graphics to decorate their site with but what happens is that they are consistently taking a ride through the streets and avenues of a city called Sodom. You're basically just a couple of clicks away from some very raunchy sites. I know there are many christian kids with a Myspace account who are not comfortable with the surrounding content contained in some of the free-graphics sites or the subject matter on the sites of some of their invited friends. However, it's like you say to your friend "hey let's meet for lunch...OK where do you want to go? there's this really nice little cafe in middle of the red-light district in Amsterdam." I know, "we won't stop at any of the porn shops or anything" but every day you'll have to pass by them on your way to the cafe. Or it's like the guy who goes surfing at South Beach (Miami Beach) where all the topless sunbathers are. He isn't going there to see the topless women (of which there are a lot) he's just going there for the waves (of which there are little). Why put youself in a position to be tempted so?

I've got a bad hunch that in many cases these Myspace sites actually expose what is in the hearts and minds of some of these kids. Why else would they deliberately decide to place certain graphics on their site or use explicit language?

What I would really like to know is, if you're a christian kid who has a Myspace, why wouldn't you use your Myspace site to proclaim God's good news of forgiveness of sins? Why wouldn't a christian kid be the light set on a hill in the midst of total darkness?

What about having nothing to do with deeds of darkness but rather expose them to the light of God's righteousness, since the days are evil and we should be wise and careful how we live?

What about kids living by the Spirit so as not to gratify sinful desires which include sexual immorality and impurity among other things?

Kids, like all christians we need to be separate from the world.

The bible says to not love the world or the things in it and if you love the world, the love of the Father is not in you. Does that mean if you love the world maybe you're not a christian?--Yes.

Kids need to think on good things as it says in Philippians.

There's enough garbage out there without christian kids contributing to it. Worldliness seems like a tsunami in the world of teenagers.

That internet is like this surreal subculture universe full of temptations and snares just waiting to pounce upon any young unsuspecting sheep but it also can be used as a tool to spread a message of hope through Jesus Christ to a world in darkness and on it's way to hell.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell me about it. Our three teens all have a myspace, but we are now monitoring them just because of this. Our youngest son had uploaded a shocking photo, which we had him delete immediately. He didn't seem to see what the problem was...
We also discovered there are hundreds of porno photos posted all over myspace, and I don't mean "soft" porn. The thing that scares me is no one seems to care.

8:36 PM  
Blogger Alan said...

This is a classic case of the christian who can't finally dump his old girlfriend , he just loves the sex too mch. The christian loves the world and the things in the world , he admires it , he can't keep his eyes off the world and he spends many hours of the day loving the world , he reads about her and fantisizes while he saturates himself with her.
These kids at church have no one who is man enough to stand up to them and say that what they are doing is not pleasing to God . Do they have parents that are tough enough to limit what they kids are exposed to or are the parents too scared to go against what there kids are into? Then there is the church , where are they ? Where are the youth leaders that are man enough to stand against the world? Or are they too busy trying to keep up with there own my space blog and too busy talking and getting to " know" all the little girls that are contacting them on there blog?
Where are the elder pastors holding these youth leaders and leaders of the youth groups accountable ?
The world does not surpise me , what surpises me is the elders , deacons and pastors that should step up to the plate and slam these youth leaders and mentor them .
I know that a lot of these churches are super liberal and they love the world and do not see all of this as bad. So maybe we are expecting too much . Your post Kenny is great and exposes the truth about the heart of man when he tries to flirt with the world.
Most young people will stray at sometime that is why there is a brother , father , elder , deacon , pastor who will see things that are not right and confront them and put them back on track. Where are all the MEN ?
Jesus did not let things slip by when he was here on earth with the disciples, He confronted them all the time. You have to be selfless to be a good leader and that is just how the Lord Jesus Christ was , He always did His Father's will.
Where are all the REAL MEN?

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The private Christian school where my daughter attends had a whole night set aside for parents to come and learn about this website. A police detective gave a talk on why this site is so dangerous. Predators are stalking this site and with scant information such as name, city, school, etc. are able to track kids down.

Please get your kids off this site.

I am not ananymous but do not have time to sign up!


9:30 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

Hey, I've been very opposed to this site for quite some time now, i deleted my account months ago as i realized that there is just too many explicit profiles and advertisements for me to even try to bring any good out of that site. in my opinion in should be abandoned altogether. i recommend you unlink some of the refrences in the articles. you dont want to proliferate the problem. if i were to have a myspace is would be to accumulate as much attention and focus on myself through gaining friends and having them always look at my profile. this obsession throws people off track as we are to live selflessly.

4:23 PM  
Blogger Kennyo said...

Hey Andy,

I commend you for you integrity. It's also nice to hear from you again.

4:31 PM  
Blogger Cat Dunlap said...

I don't know Kenny...while I agree all of this stuff is wrong, I don't think that MySpace itself is bad, it's just that people have taken it and used it for something it wasn't created for. In fact, it was created originally to help advertise bands. So in that respect, it does pretty well. It's great free advertisement for music and shows and things of that sort. Blogger or Facebook could be the next MySpace if people abused them. Really, I do understand your message, but its' the people that have the problem, not the site itself. I have a MySpace account, I originally got it to read my neighbor's blog, but now I just use it to keep in touch with friends that I can't see all the time. I guess...I see their picture, think about them, send them a message or a post or give them a phone call. And I keep up with my favorite bands that way too. I don't read those stupid blog quizzes...I read a few, and then I just ignored them because they are dumb, and why would I need to know my "porn star name" anyway? Gosh, people would say stuff like that in middle school and they were still stupid. And actually, I really was thinking about posting stuff periodically about me, my faith, and the churches I am working with here in Tallahassee, but I don't really care for the MySpace Blog design and much prefer Blogger's design, so I was going to just start blogging on Blogger and put a link to it on MySpace.

so anyway...maybe you weren't entirely attacking myspace, sounded like it, so that is my schpiel for now.

1:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Of course, the site itself is not the cause of the smut. The participants are. Although the host of the site seems to be introducing some of it.

But the overall point that must be the focus for the believer is; Should you put yourself in an environment where you could so easily veer into such unhealthy fascinations as those so easily accessed on myspace? I think the answer is: NO.


5:00 PM  

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