Friday, March 24, 2006

Tadpoles in the Shallow End

Nobody wants frogs in the swimming pool. But are you ignoring the tadpoles in the shallow end? 

The Emergent movement in evangelicalism today does have many church pastors and leaders concerned. Just like one would be when finding frogs in the family swimming pool. There are many flaws in the Emergent church model. Pastors and leaders should be concerned and many are using good discernment in making sure their church avoids many of the EMERGENT CHURCH PITFALLS. They're keeping the frogs out. But are they aware that many of the tadpoles are in?

Look at a great number of the YOUTH GROUPS in many of our churches today. Too often they resemble characteristics of the Emergent church's philosophies and methods. They, in many cases, are Emergent Tadpoles and are in the local church's shallow end.

The trend in youth groups today is to put heavy emphasis on relationships, the senses in worship, secular music, "relevant" speaking college grad pop stars as youth pastors,  entertainment and isolation from older church members. In contrast, there is a hugh lack of a visible studying of the scriptures, prayer meetings, interaction with the older folks and the call to "obey parents".

Tadpoles are harmless, fun to play with but we all know what they become. Frogs.

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