Saturday, February 26, 2011

The "Hip-Heretic" is at it Again...

Rob Bell again reveals his ignorance about God's character and the nature of His holiness.

Rob, if Ghandi did not surrender and submit to Christ's supremacy as the one and only true way to God (which we have no reason to believe he did), then yes, Ghandi is in hell for eternity. This is the message clearly stated in God's Word.

LOVE WINS. from Rob Bell on Vimeo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I meant to put that last comment here! Great blog!

There is no question he is a heretic and I personally believe there will be more like Bell in the last days as many turn from true biblical faith.

But, what I really wanted to say is, if you are a Rob Bell fan, pretty please stop trying to mimic him! It comes across as extremely fake! Lose the glasses and the ridiculous, intentional pauses before the last word of the sentence. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Drives me nuts.


10:33 PM  
Blogger jsquigg said...

By who's authority do you call Rob Bell a heretic? I notice that, just like your blog seems to do, the Pharisees had a pattern of "having it all figured out" and passing judgments on people. You can neither turn one of the hairs on your head a different color nor do you have any knowledge of the afterlife. Try approaching something resembling humility.

3:52 AM  

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