Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Lottery

I marvel at the numbers of people who love to play the Lottery. One chance in a million but, Oh the return. Millions of unearned dollars! Money! Lots of it! Prosperity and peace. Certainty. Dreams come true. Who would not want it? My mind drifts to an old friend who at one time worked for one of the nation's city's public television stations. They had decided to do a special on the fortunate few who had won their state's lottery. Before the show ever aired it was abandoned. It appears they were having difficulty finding any positive success stories within the ranks of the fortunate few. The show was appearing to be so abysmally depressing that it was not run. I can only speculate why they refused the show as I would think the point was to highlight the lives of the fortunate but perhaps the fortunate no longer appeared fortunate. I remember speaking to another friend who played the Florida lottery religiously. I asked if he felt he would truly benefit if he were to win. "I could handle it." was his reply. I asked him if he considered himself a physically strong person and when he admitted that he was not particularly so, I then asked him if he thought he could lift 200 pounds over his head. "I don't think so." was his reply. "Then why do you believe you could hold on to something you had nothing to do with earning or lifting in the first place?" I remember the words of a preacher who said, "If we are trusting God for what we think we need are we really trusting God at all?" I am reminded of my life that is well into the middle age and think of the pleasures and joys I have known. The irony is that none of those were as a result of money. The greatest pleasures in life have all been due to the relationships I have had and none have equaled the encounter when I first met the King Jesus. The ride has been bumpy at times but He has never ceased to fill me with awe and wonder and I find thoughts of riches languish far behind the sweet memories He has given. I do believe I am truly a rich man. How odd I have so little money.


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