Friday, January 25, 2008

Is This The One-World Religion?

Great job here by Watcher's Lamp blog.

It is curious how these comments from the likes of Tony Campolo, Brian McLaren, Pope Benedict XVI, Robert Schuller, Rick Warren, The New Baptist Covenant, and others all seem to be repeating the same mantra. There's a common unity in thought and priorities as to what our goals should be.

Their comments also seem to fit well with "The Earth Charter".

Funny, I just listened to a sermon today from Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones which clearly explains what the church should be engaged in rather than today's version of the Social Gospel, as espoused by those mentioned above.

You can listen to Martyn Lloyd-Jones' sermon HERE.

He identifies man-driven priorities which look exactly like Rick Warren's Purpose Driven obsession and the Emergent Church movement years before any of these things were on the radar.

Better be careful or you'll be swept up into this stuff!


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