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"It's Time To Have a Bigger Gospel"

"It's time to have a bigger gospel, it's time to have a bigger agenda"

These are the comments of Peter Illyn of

That's a powerful statement when you think about it. I guess the same old gospel is not "big" enough? It's time for a bigger gospel and a bigger agenda.

Just exactly what gospel is he talking about? What can be bigger than the message of saving souls doomed to an eternal hell?

Here is the video:

OK! I'll say it...I know I'm supposed to:

NO, I DO NOT WANT TO DESTROY THE EARTH! and yes I DO care about the environment, blah blah blah...

There, I said it.

That is not my point!

My point is why do these people attach this to the gospel? Somebody is going to have to explain it to me because I thought the gospel was about proclaiming the good news of hope of the redemption from sin through Jesus Christ paying the penalty for God's wrath on the cross of Calvary and his resurrection on the 3rd day guaranteeing eternal life and fellowship with the Father in eternal worship of Him who deserves all glory.

I guess with Barack Obama on their side maybe these christians can really get something accomplished to further their version of the gospel.

Why don't people just leave the gospel alone and let the Holy Spirit do his work? Why must everyone think they have to add to the Great Commission, thus coming up with a new "appealing" twist to the message of the cross?

Isn't this a distraction to the actual gospel message? Is this what we should be spending our time and effort on as the world is under God's judgement until they repent and turn to him for mercy?

We have the message of hope. Where is our eternal perspective?


Blogger Hank said...

I find it very strange some folks can find more faith in scientific research that at best is iffy and at worst manipulative but can not accept the time tested Scriptures as accurate.

5:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is just another branch of the social gospel. As Jerry Fawell rightly stated it is a distraction to the real gospel.

6:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is just another branch of the social gospel. As Jerry Fawell rightly stated it is a distraction to the real gospel.

6:19 AM  
Blogger Phil Perkins said...

ABTG--anything but the gospel. All this energy spent on NOT evangelizing is a shame.

In Christ,
Phil Perkins.

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post connects well with one I just read on More Books and Things today. It's under March 28, 2007, titled: "Scams and Things."


Then see this great clip from youtube on the Great Global Warming Swindle.

Go to:

The church needs to wake up! Quite jumping on every band wagon that comes along, quite believing all the lies the world tries to feed us and stick with the one and only true gospel of Jesus Christ revealed in the written Word of God. Jesus never wasted a second of His time on earth trying to save it. His ministry involved the salvation of the lost sinful souls of men, women, and children.

Maybe these "Christian" schools should spend more time teaching these young people the truth of Scripture instead of feeding them the lies of the enemy.
Truths from Scripture that tell us that one day soon the Lord Jesus Christ, the holy and righteous Son of God will return in judgment against all the ungodly and all who reject Him and His revealed gospel and that this earth will pass away but His Word and His kingdom will never pass away. In fact this earth's elements will be destroyed by fire.

Read: 2Peter 3:1-18
Who thinks they can stop the hand of God?

Yes, He is the God of love and mercy. But, He is also the God of wrath and judgment upon all the ungodliness and wickedness of those who reject the truth of the gospel of His Son Jesus Christ.

Read also:
Matthew: 24, Mark: 13, and Luke: 21

4:20 PM  
Anonymous tom m said...

The environmental issues are a "cause" being used to bring people (i.e. the church) in under the umbrella of the coming global management system.

AKA as 'sustainable development', this is actually the United Nations/nwo plan for global management. Originally called Agenda 21. Agenda 21, which is the U.N. 'agenda for the 21st century', is nothing less than a one world government that intends to micro-manage every facet of life on this globe, including every person. Sound like the Antichrist?

To understand the concept of "sustainability" you must first understand what it is, where it comes from, and why. It is rooted in something called "systems theory" which you will find briefly explained below. Systems theory is built upon/modeled-after the pagan roots of gaia/earth worship. As briefly explained below, all peoples and facets of life must be "interconnected", in the same way as is "gaia" the goddess (which is what they call the earth), "who" is an interconnected "whole" (as we're told).

The idea is to create in the minds of people that they are only 'part' of the whole, and must be connected to each other and to the planet, and so ultimately must submit to the "greater good" or the "common good". In other words, everybody must submit to the global masters because they know what's best.

Anything to do with environmentalism is part of this globalist ploy. This is as 'anti-christian' as it gets. But this deception is being foisted upon the duped church as a means whereby Christianity is being methodically "transformed" so that it will fit into it's "purpose" (PDL), or "role" in the one-world system, and is now being steered to "merge" with the world's religions.

For the common good, everybody connected, the brotherhood of man, serving the one will (that would be the antichrist of course). This is not happening by accident or chance.

This is very brief but further research will shed much light.

excerpted from article by Lynn Stuter at:

Systems theory states, simply, that the world is a system of subsystems (also called systems), interdependent and interconnected, to form a wholistic or holistic system; that within any one system is an infrastructure that is analogous across systems, irrespective of physical appearance.

The Gaia Hypothesis, in different words but saying the same thing, adds a spiritual dimension to systems theory, stating that the world is a living, breathing organism, irreducible to its parts; that what affects one part affects all parts; that in the name of saving spaceship earth, we must change our society.

These are the two hypotheses which under gird systems governance and the transformation of American society to the total quality, outcome-based, environment of a managed economy in a communist society in which every aspect of that society is micromanaged by the all powerful government to achieve goals established to attain a humanist "created future" — the sustainable global environment.

This is happening nationwide, in every branch, office and department of government; in industry; in health care; in education at all levels; in property rights, growth management and land use planning; it is evident in the environmental movement in both the public and private sectors ... there is nothing that is not being affected by this. This is a total and complete transformation or paradigm shift of our society.

(aka as:)

total quality management (TQM) — systems governance in business and industry;

planning programming budgeting systems (PPBS) — systems governance in the public sector;

outcome-based education (OBE) — systems governance in education; and

the church growth movement (CGM) — systems governance in matters involving the church and religion.

1:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Tom for this insightful information. I tried to connect to the link you gave however it is saying this page cannot be found. Is everything is the web address correct?

1:59 PM  
Anonymous tom m said...

hi CT,

I tried the link just now and it worked. There is much more at this site. You might also search (for starters) "agenda 21", "gaia", "sustainable development", or "Peter Drucker" (the man recognized as the modern day architect of 'systems government').

Also, anything to do with the "transformation" movement in the church is rooted in this. There is tons of information on these things, and lots to learn, but very important to understand as this whole agenda is actually very well advanced here now in '07.

Incidentally, B. Clinton signed America up in '96 with something called the "President's Council on Sustainable Development" (PCSD). It's now in every community across the nation. When you hear the word "community", it's a pretty sure bet that it's got something to do with this.

This is global goverenment...bottomline

hope that

9:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few more clips exposing the lies of global warming:
(This one especially addresses college students.)

7:06 PM  
Anonymous Dean Ohlman said...

Implied in these comments is the question, "Isn’t evangelism more important than caring for the creation?"

This question is probably number 1 in raising doubt about the validity of evangelical concern for the material creation—the earth. The trouble is that the question is virtually meaningless as it stands. This can be illustrated by asking another question: “Isn’t evangelism more important than parenting?” Whereas the first seems to call for an obvious yes, the second does not. In fact, most evangelicals with children would likely answer no to the second question.

The reason is this: We have creational responsibilities, which evangelicals share with all mankind, and we have spiritual/interpersonal responsibilities that relate to our mission as members of the universal body of Christ—the church. The creational responsibilities that all people have in common are these: being fruitful by having children and then caring for and protecting them, working so that we might obtain good food to eat and clean water to drink, protecting ourselves with adequate shelter and clothing, being stewards of the earth and its fruitfulness so that it can continue to provide us with what we need to live and remain healthy. As Christians, of course, we want to be healthy and health promoting servants of God. These creational responsibilities are implicit in the foundational chapters of the Bible’s book of Genesis, and it can be argued convincingly from Scripture that they have precedence over all others. If these were ignored, very little evangelism would take place at all—because weak, diseased, and dead people are poor evangelists.

Evangelicals commonly hold that evangelism is primarily the preaching, teaching, and sharing of the words of the Gospel: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son [Jesus], that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Yet it is not likely that any of us ever spend the bulk of our time doing this. We spend most of our waking hours carrying out our creational responsibilities—which is as it should be. In fact, when we carry out these responsibilities in a way that demonstrates the love of God for both the “world” of people and the material world that He created, we are “evangelizing.” Living Christianly within the light of the Gospel with its good news for the cosmos is likely to be just as important as articulating the words of the Gospel. Can evangelicals who ignore the foundational, creational mandates implied by our Scriptures (like caring for the creation) really be good evangelists?

Since I am so bad in getting back to blogs, if any bloggers here wish to respond to my comments personally, feel free to e-mail me at

Celebrating the wonder of Creation,


12:06 PM  

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