Friday, March 23, 2007

Full-Out Assault

"Since God mentions this ministry [that of a watchman] several times throughout the Bible with great clarity, we do well to read, heed, and learn to be men and women with this attitude for the church today.

While we may not be under the threat of physical invasion today, or living in literal walled fortresses, Satan and his workers seek to destroy and lay siege to the church today through false teachers and ungodly philosophies. He seeks to lead us into false forms of worship and unbiblical teachings that masquerade as truth. He has engineered and orchestrated a full-out assault on the people of God today, complete with deceptive false ministers and non-prophets who no longer view His Word as the primary basis for true doctrine. The church is definitely under attack and , therefore, definitely and desperately in need of watchmen in this age."

--Steven Mitchell from his article Watchman Arise


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