Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Response to Brian McLaren’s "A New Kind of Christian"

This is an excellent article by Todd Cothran of the Christian Worldview Network. In it he points out the dangers in Brian McLaren's book "A New Kind of Christian".

It's encouraging to see more men speak out against the heresies within Emergent and authors like Brian McLaren.

Here is an excerpt:

"While at a recent conference for Christian schools, I looked through the offerings of the host organization. Their display tables were impressive, the latest offerings on just about every subject a Christian school could offer. They also had many books for the teacher’s personal enrichment. It was this table that I found most interesting. Among the many books on class management, biblical worldview, and biblical integration I spotted a book that literally made my jaw drop: Brian McLaren’s A New Kind of Christian. Up until this point I had questioned how much influence his books were having within traditionally strong Christian institutions. This confirmed to me that not only were his books having an impact within the “emergent church” circles but on the Christian school teachers as well: teachers who are to be reinforcing and helping to instill an orthodox Biblical Christian worldview within our students. This paper explores the reasons for my concern."



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