Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Why Contemplative Prayer Has No Biblical Support

In light of the comments section from the "Adventures in Odyssey...in a Monastery" post and to help further explain the unbiblical nature of forms of Contemplative Prayer , THIS ARTICLE by Brian Flynn sheds a discerning light on the subject for those who may be uncertain.

Here is an excerpt:

"...Scripture clearly offers no support or description for contemplative prayer, and the contemplatives know it. By taking Scripture out of context, it is an admission on their part that the support for contemplative prayer does not exist. If contemplative prayer was scriptural, it would be described in such a fashion as to make no mistake about it. It isn’t."


Anonymous Gigi said...

Thanks for posting this article. I sent it to a friend at church who is being exposed to this .... but senses it isn't right. Coming from a former New Ager really helps shed light on it.

10:51 AM  

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