Friday, August 11, 2006

The Greatest Tragedy

"For I think you will agree that the prevailing tendency is not to talk about and write about the truth itself. The whole emphasis at the moment is that we should all be getting together and forming great organizations. The concern is not so much as to the truth of the message, but to gather ourselves together into one great community. The tendency today is to minimize truth in favor of organization, and men are telling us with unwearied iteration that the greatest tragedy of the world is the disunited church. But the tragedy, the greatest tragedy as I understand the New Testament, is not the disunity of the church, is not the fact that the church is divided into groups and denominations, is not that we are not all in one organization, but that all the sections are preaching a false message and that there has been a departure from the truth of God as it is in Jesus Christ."

--Martin Lloyd-Jones, 1946


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but I find myself continually amazed whenever I'm confronted with the truth of "there is nothing new under the sun". Everything happening today in Christianity has happened before! It just seems to get recycled in each generation or so.

9:25 AM  
Anonymous dPazos said...

I am impressed with some of the fine articles you have on this site. It appears that you have access to some quality sources. Yes, many of these ideologies get recycled, or rather re-packaged for different generations. It appears those who worry most about such re-packaged lies are those parents of teenagers in this generation, because the teens are most susceptible to 'new' ideas. Adults and parents of pre-teen kids seldom worry about such ideas. I remember during the 1980s, there was panic about hard rock music, and Christians reacted with videos and youth sessions about this issue. It appears to have faded as a teen-related issues during the last ten years interestingly. Lately, nobody talks about heavy metal and how it affects those precious, naive teens who want to attend wacky concerts with their friends. Of course, all those concerts have people doing weed. You could get addicted without ever buying the stuff if you attend enough wacko rocker concerts. Later dudes!

11:35 AM  

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