Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Warning to Believers

"....this is the way Satan works. First, he attempts to loosen a person's hold on the word of God. Get a little dusty, not fresh, not current in your thinking. Then he brings along new things that aren't totally off the wall. They are just off. Then one might think, "Oh, that's sort of fresh. I'm just sort of tired and bored with the old things that I have dealt with week after week and month after month and now year after year. It's nice to have something fresh and new. And it's just a difference in methodology, not a difference in message. This is wonderful." Pretty soon Satan has moved you away from the focus of the word of God. ...This is how Satan has always worked. If you read the Old Testament prophets, that's the way he worked then. Read about the New Testament apostles, and that's the way he worked. Look around you today, and that's the way he works."

--by Gil Rugh, A Reminder and Warning to Believers, Nov. 3, 1996


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