Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Stand Against Purpose Driven and Emergent

This is from the latest Lighthouse newsletter. How I hope and pray more churches would take a stand like this against the Purpose Driven juggernaut and not bow in adoration at the idol of the Church Growth Movement.

It's too bad my former church has gone through the Purpose Driven indoctrination which through time has evolved to other tactics, techniques, methods, and fads in attempts to increase the number of attendies to their church. Not to mention the fact that they continue to list Rick Warren's book on their site as well as books by some Emergent authors such as Dan Kimball and Leonard Sweet. (by the way.... "Warren has endorsed the Emerging Church movement. He wrote a foreword for a book written by Dan Kimball titled The Emerging Church: Vintage Christianity for New Generations")--hey, it just so happens that this is the very same Dan Kimball book on my former church's website.

Here is an excerpt from the newsletter....

"Roger Oakland, a Bible-teacher and evangelist to Calvary Chapel, released a hard-hitting commentary, explaining the reasons why Calvary Chapel recently pulled Purpose Driven materials from their distribution store. Calvary Chapel leadership had surprised many last month when they issued a recall notice, saying: "The teaching and positions of Rick Warren have come into conflict with us at Calvary Chapel."

Today's analysis by Roger Oakland is a powerful and accurate assessment of the Purpose Driven teachings and evidence that cannot be ignored. It is the hope of Lighthouse Trails that this information will aid many believers in their efforts to preserve the integrity of the gospel in their churches and homes. And we believe once you have read Mr. Oakland's review, you will agree with us that Purpose Driven does not represent biblical Christianity." ....READ COMMENTARY.


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