Saturday, February 18, 2006

Holy Spirit is a Mood ?

A. W. Tozer commented frequently on the condition of the church in his day. I have to wonder if he were around today what would his reaction be as he sees church after church cave-in to flirting with and trying desperatly to "dress up" for the neighbor's husband rather than her own husband–Christ. --KO
"Woe to the rebellious children," says the Lord, "who take counsel, but not of Me, and who devise plans, but not of My Spirit, that they may add sin to sin." --Isaiah 30:1

The continued neglect of the Holy Spirit by evangelical Christians is too evident to deny and impossible to justify....

In the Scriptures the Holy Spirit is necessary. There He works powerfully, creatively; here He is little more than a poetic yearning or at most a benign influence. There He moves in majesty, with all the attributes of the Godhead; here He is a mood, a tender feeling of good will....

The only power God recognizes in His church is the power of His Spirit whereas the only power actually recognized today by the majority of evangelicals is the power of man. God does His work by the operation of the Spirit, while Christian leaders attempt to do theirs by the power of trained and devoted intellect. Bright personality has taken the place of the divine afflatus.

-A. W. Tozer (God Tells the Man Who Cares, 108,110-111.)


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