Saturday, February 14, 2009

Obama's Revolutionary Neo-Marxist Views

Is the information in THIS AUDIO true? Is even 25% of it true? If so, I have to say, we may be seeing the end of a free America.

R.I.P. America (July 4, 1776 - January 20, 2009).

Below is a summary of THE AUDIO:

"Have you ever heard of Saul Alinsky, do you know what he proclaimed? President Obama is a disciple of this Neo-Marxist and taught his ideas for years as a community organizer. Saul authored the book, "Rules for Radicals" and used the word "change" over and over. By change Saul meant, "Revolution". He called for destruction of Christianity, the middle class and capitalism. Saul called for his followers to disorganize and then re-organize. Chaos is their friend. Saul writes that his book was dedicated to the first rebel known to man who rebelled against the establishment-Lucifer.

Michelle Obama during her Democratic National Convention speech quoted her husband quoting Alinsky.

Please listen and forward to all your family and friends. Americans must understand the worldview that will usher in Neo-Marxism."

Click HERE to listen.

I think we need to be praying for this president to REPENT! and GET SAVED!


Anonymous Joe James said...

"I think we need to be praying for this president to REPENT! and GET SAVED!"

Why is this oh wise one? Because you deeply love and are concerned for him?

Or is it out of your allegiance to Capitalism and the American Dream?

Because I gotta say, the American Project and the Kingdom of God are NOT the same thing. But it seems in some of your posts that you make them out to be the same.

600,000 innocent women and children have died in Iraq since Bill Clinton took office. Clinton's tough economic sanctions to coerce "Peace" in the Middle East put nearly 400,000 innocent people to death during his tenure. Bush's pre-emptive war-making agenda put the other 200,000 to their graves.

Neither Democrat, nor Republican is the Christian God. He cannot be cornered.

Our prayers should be for all world leaders at all times.

And Christians need to check their ethics. We cannot continue to do what you do here at Thinker Up. I am only glad that it looks as if no one comes on here any more. Hopefully people have seen how mindless, legalistic, lacking compassion, and far you are from the true heart of Jesus Christ.

11:02 AM  

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