Thursday, October 09, 2008


While in college close to 40 years ago I was quipping back and forth with some of my classmates on the statement, ‘You can not legislate morality.’ They in their zeal to protect their dogma and in line with their materialistic perspective that facts and values should not be confused indicated the one who would refer to anything as an absolute value in the area of morality would be by definition inaccurate. Morality has no absolutes they insisted. Even though one might perceive a certain behavior, ‘distasteful’, to insist such a perspective could be held unflinchably true was simply wrong. I wondered at that time if perhaps their view was indeed the only exception to their rule. They uncomfortably had no answer to my query. We are faced with an amazing dilemma today. There is the cry, “We need change.” I am certain such a statement is true. Our politicians are far more interested in their reelections than they are in truth it would seem. While the Wall Street melt down can be tied to many factors the denial on the part of some to accept any responsibly in gross denial. Jesus called the religious leaders of his time to realize their ability to help others depended first on their willingness to see their own faults. Moral relativism has without a doubt done serious harm. I assert with confidence that the moral posturing of the Hitlers and Stalins of the world is wrong because it does not include all men. The term men, from my sexist understanding, means all men, both male and female Morality should not be determined by race or religion but by truth and behavior. If the relativist is correct and man is merely a result of non-teleological forces then the survival of the fittest wins and rules. If however one believes as scientist say they all believe in cause and effect, there is a cause that defines it all It is found described in the book of Colossians chapter 1 verses 9 - 20 I find it amazing that so many claim Christ as the lead to follow but do not listen to His words nor the words those who chose to die for Him have written.


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