Sunday, March 11, 2007

Are We Offering Our Children To Molech?

If we neglect teaching our youth sound Biblical doctrine and allow them to be exposed to liberal theologies such as the Emergent movement I believe it is safe to say we are sacrificing our children to Molech.

The following is from Francis Schaeffer:

"…modern liberal theology is more heinous than following the Molech of old.

Do you know the facts concerning Molech? Molech, whose idol was in the valley of Hinnon, was a heathen god whom the Jews were constantly warned against following. What kind of a god was Molech? He was the god of the sacrifice of newborn babies. This was the central act of his worship: the firstborn of every woman’s body had to be sacrificed to Molech. According to one tradition, there was an opening at the back of the brazen idol, and after a fire was made within it, each parent had to come and with his own hands place his firstborn child in the white-hot, out-stretched hands of Molech. According to this tradition, the parent was not allowed to show emotion, and drums were beaten so that the baby’s cries could not be heard as the baby died in the hands of Molech. And there, I would say, stand many in our day.

Many of those who come to me, those with whom I work, are the children destroyed by a worse than Molech. Men--men who were supposedly the men of God--have stood by while their children were eaten up by modern theology. And then we are told that there is supposed to be no emotion shown.

Some of you who read this bear the marks of these things from the background from which you come. All of us are marked by this in some way, to some extent, because our Western, post-Christian world has been undercut by liberal theology. Every scar this present generation has, every tear cried, every baby aborted, every drug trip taken, cannot be separated from the fact that the church has turned away and become unfaithful. This generation are the babies in the hands of Molech. And are we supposed to stand by and hear their cries and cover them up by beating loudly the drums of a profitless discussion? No, we are to weep and to act."

--Francis Schaeffer, Adultery and Apostasy: The Bride and Bridegroom
Taken from The Works of Francis Schaeffer


Blogger Hank said...

It is interesting that the liberal in this day is always claiming what is best for the children as reason for why they do what they do. How important it is for the federal, state and local governments to provide education for the children. The United Nations declarations for the rights of the child. When Scripture talks of the nurture admonition and discipline of the child it is very specific but how often I see even the conservative unwilling to discipline his child as scripture prescribes. How often because we have bought into the materialistic mindset of today do we send our wives out into the workforce when all thats left is paid help to educate and discipline the children. I think maybe sometimes Molech sells Lexus.

12:16 AM  
Blogger paradigm_blue said...

You need to understand the difference between emerging and emergent church. Emergent = liberalism
Emerging / missional = conservative theology

1:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually "missional" is a dangerous concept as well and is certainly not Biblical, whether or not it's "conservative". Be aware of that term, it is infiltrating the Church today!

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are not children of spiritual whoredoms the by-product of another gospel,another jesus and another spirit?

9:24 AM  
Blogger Kennyo said...

Anonymous asks:

"Are not children of spiritual whoredoms the by-product of another gospel,another jesus and another spirit?"

Please explain what you mean. I do not understand your question.


9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Are you aware that in this hour Satan is quit able to preach the gospel to the lost though another one. He is quit comfortable speaking about jesus to the lost though another one. He loves to speak about the spirit to the lost though another one.

Those who accept his version of the gospel,his counterfeit jesus and his bogus spirit are joined in the spirit to him and thus beget offspring in his image.

He has no problem reaching the lost as long as they are reached with his version.

11:57 AM  

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